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Summary Reports

Photographic and Archival Resources

Eilean – The Island Photography of Margaret Fay Shaw

Eilean – The Island Photography of Margaret Fay Shaw...

From Lochboisdale to Boisdale

John and Margaret Campbell of Canna collected hundreds of Gaelic songs on both sides of the Atlantic...

Té an ath-dhoras – the woman next door

Fiona explores the many-faceted lives of women and examines how their lives do (or do not) change, by comparing their work, fashion, pastimes and families...

A waulk on the wild side

Canna is the venue for the tweed-waulking event Waulk on the Wild Side this month. To coincide with this, Canna archivist Fiona has produced a gallery of some images...

The Selkie Collective Podcast. Kelp Crofting

In this episode we chat to Kyla Orr who is the Co-Founder of Kelp Crofting...

Academic Papers

Kelp and glass-making in Scotland

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